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Albert Budden and Ada Vincent

These were my grandparents so if you would like any other information please email me.


Albert Frederick Budden was born on December 4th 1896 in Southall, Middlesex. He was the seventh child (of eight) of James Benjamin Budden (1852) and Harriet Froom (or Frome) (1855). Albert married Ada Louise Vincent in the parish church of St Johns, Southall, Middlesex in 1922. Ada was born on February 9th 1904 in Hayes. Albert was a railway foreman shunter. Ada died on November 3rd 1988 of a stroke in Ashford Hospital and was cremated at Hanworth Crematorium, Hanworth, Middlesex. Albert died a month later on December 6th 1988 also in Ashford Hospital and was also cremated at Hanworth Crematorium.

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