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Annie Budden and James Stephenson

These were my great-grandparents so if you would like any other information please email me.


Annie Elizabeth Budden was born on February 18th 1893 in Southall, Middlesex. She was the sixth child of James Benjamin Budden (1852) and Harriet Froom (or Frome) (1855). Annie married James Charles Jacob Stephenson in Holy Trinity Church, Southall in May 25th 1915. James was born in Southall on November 20th 1892. Annie was a dressmaker and James was a soldier at the time of their marriage (being a transport manager at the time of his death). They had three children and lived in Southall. James died in St Peters Hospital, Chertsey on July 21st 1982. Annie died on January 31st 1958 at Western Road, Southall.

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