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Benjamin Budden and Arabella Bray

This all I know about Benjamin Budden and Arabella Bray, if you have any other information please email me.


Benjamin Budden was christened at the parish church in Loders, Dorset on April 11th 1813. Benjamin's parents were Henry Budden (c 1767) and Mary Hansford (c 1767). Benjamin married Arabella Bray daughter of George Gibbs Budden and Sarah Bray at Loders on 2nd June 1831. Arabella was christened on 27th October 1811 and buried 17th January 1873 at the parish church in Bradpole, Dorset. Benjamin was a cordwainer / shoemaker. Benjamin and Arabella had nine children, five of whom died in infancy. Benjamin was buried at Loders on 22nd August 1876.

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