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Loders, Dorset

Loders can be found in the county of Dorset between Hampshire and Devon.
I visited Loders in 2000 to further my research on my family tree and was able to find the churchyard where some of my ancestors were buried and the Manor house mentioned in Sarah Budden nee Bray's biography. I have put the pictures up below and hope to have more coming soon. For a map of loders visit www.old-maps.co.uk where you can find olde and new maps of Loders.


St Mary Magdalene

St Mary Magdalene

The Tabletop Tomb

This tomb was restored some years ago with Bill Budden paying for most of the work. I have recorded what is inscribed on it below as accurately as I can, but some of the dates were difficult to read!
Inscriptions (side facing church). In Memory of John, son of Rob and Joan Budden. Died 05.11.1789 45 years old. Their son William. Died 31.1.1790 41 years old. Their son Henry. Died 30.4.1807 54 years old. George Gibbs Budden - rest illegible.
Inscriptions (farside) Robert. Died 1762 53 years old. Joan. Died 5.12.1787 78 years old. James their son. Died 1757. Robert their son. Died 1802 51 years old.

Loder's Manor

Loder's Manor is called The Court and stands next to the church. It is lived in by the family of Viscount Hood. Whether or not the Hoods were originally the Lords of the Manor or whether they brought the Lordship with the manor is unknown. The manor is usually open once a year when Loder's Fair is held in the grounds.

Loder's Arms

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