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Emigrating Buddens

What do you mean you won't be home for dinner? If you know of any more "runaways" please email me.



Descendants of John Budden and Mary Palmer, William Budden and Sarah Walden went to Australia with their son John (and possibly some other children) on the Ocean Chief. They arrived on April 7 1864.


The daughter of Sarah Bray and George Gibbs, Eliza Bray married Joseph Travers and the whole family emigrated to the USA in 1850. Both Eliza and Joseph and two of their children died on the way but the remainder of the family - aged from 21 years down to four months arrived New Orleans, took a paddle steamer down the Mississippi and settled in Illinois.


Peter Caws, the son of Olive Budden, in turn the daughter of James Benjamin Budden, emigrated to America in approximately 1953. He now lives in Washington DC with his wife Nancy, and he has three children - one of whom is Matthew Caws of Nada Surf.

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