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Famous Buddens

I've found five so far, they're all men and four are writers!
If you know of any more or are one, please email me.



Son of Olive Budden, Peter Caws has written a number of prolific works including Satre the volume on Jean-Paul Sartre in the series "The Arguments of the Philosophers", Ethics from Experience and, The Capital Connection: Business, Science, and Government.


Grandson of Olive Budden, Matthew Caws is part of Nadasurf described by Rollingstone.com as "Progressive post-grunge rockers Nada Surf sardonically shake the alternative rock tree with their witty, highly stylized vocals and driving guitar licks."


Paul Budden was a member of England's award-winning team at the European Kendo Championships and has written a "comprehensive volume-endorsed by the premier Japanese kendo body..."


Julian Budden has written a "monumental three-volume survey of the operas of Verdi. Hailed on publication for its extraordinary comprehensibility, the set has become the classic reference work on its subject."


Albert Budden has written a book called "UFOs Psychic Close Encounters" which "hypothesizes that all phenomena is generated from electromagnetic fields."

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