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Why I got interested in researching my family history,
and what I found helpful. For useful links there is also the links page.


I became interested in researching my family tree after my parents had started to gather information. They had discovered that our branch of the Buddens had originated in Loders, Dorset. By visiting Loders and places of interest therein they had managed to gather a large amount of information. However they reached a what seemed to be a dead end and asked for my help.

Fortunately for them (I'm not sure about me) I had just been involved in a car accident (which was NOT my fault... maniac drivers...) and due to a nasty whiplash injury was off work and starting to get a bit bored. I decided to use the internet to try and find more information to help them. This was when I became really interested.

The internet proved to be a great help, especially when I saw the name of Philip Hares on a message board.

Philip was a descendant of the same family tree (in particular of Robert Budden and Joan Chick) and having spent over twenty years researching his family tree was somewhat of an expert. Philip provided me with an endless amount of information - all of which I have shamelessly posted on this website! Phillip passed away in 2003 and is sorely missed by all those who knew him.

Aside from Philips invaluable help I also went to the family records office in Islington and looked at the census information and obtained birth certificates of later family members. These helped to fill in some of the gaps in my information.

I have provided some of the internet sites I found really helpful in the links section.

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