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Sarah Bray and George Gibbs Budden

This all I know about Sarah Bray and George Gibbs Budden, if you have any other information please email me.


Sarah Bray was christened in 1783 in Beer, Devon. Sarah Bray and George Gibbs Budden (son of William Budden and Martha Gibbs) had two children, Eliza Bray (christened 12.3.1809) and Arabella Bray (christened 27.10.1811). Both of these children were born 'out of wedlock'.

Sarah married George Gibbs Budden in Loders Parish Church, Dorset on 14.10.1812. George Gibbs Budden died young and left Sarah a considerable amount of land. However it was the custom of the manor at that time that all of the copyhold lands held by a widow by inheritance were to be forfeited to the Lord of the Manor if she remarried or 'lived unchastely'.

Unfortunately Sarah fell by the wayside and information was presented at the manorial court that she was with child and later that she had been delivered of a bastard child. She took the matter to law but lost.Sarah remained in the village of Loders until she died and appears in the 1841 and 1851 census for Loders as being of 'independent means'.

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